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Hear What Others Have to Say

What makes a good teacher? And why choose my classes?  In the words of Iyengar, “confidence, clarity and compassion are essential qualities of a teacher. A good teacher helps you explore the maximum.”  Read the testimonials here and decide if my approach meets your needs.   

"I have practiced in Kim’s class for the past 7 years. I feel very fortunate to have had her as an instructor. She may be small but she is a little powerhouse. Kim is very knowledgeable in all areas of yoga and is very supportive of her students and their yoga journey. I appreciate Kim’s attention to correct form and the needs of the class."

Darlene W.

"I’ve been going to Kim’s classes for several years now. I am never disappointed. Kim is very particular about ensuring proper pose alignment and effort, and is my all-time favourite teacher. Extremely knowledgeable, Kim describes and demonstrates in detail the poses and ensures each of the class participants are doing each pose correctly for their body. I search out her classes above other teachers."

Aubrey B.

"I have been a yoga student of Kim for nearly seven years.  Kim's classes are enjoyable and rewarding as she is so passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise with her students.  I appreciate her emphasis on the nonaggressive approach to yoga, allowing me to honour my body and practice safely with self-awareness.  Thank you Kim for being such a caring and dedicated teacher."

Gita W.

“I always look forward to Kim’s yoga classes.  She knows how to get you to do the poses with the correct alignment and leaves you feeling like you had a really good session.  The classes are high energy but with control as you move from pose to pose.”

Walter D.

“Kim is very fussy, and I appreciate that because it means she encourages good habits that reduce the risk of unintended injury.  For instance, she is very fussy about alignment. And I appreciate that she often offers variations on how to achieve a pose properly.”

Bev F.

“It was fun to be part of your zoom classes and thank you for that. I thought you did a great job and you were able to describe very well what individuals were doing wrong and how they needed to correct it.  An amazing challenge that I thought you overcame very well.”

Audrey F.

“Kim is a wonderful, outstanding yoga teacher who is very competent and skilled at personalizing for each participant in her class. I  have taken different types of classes such as yoga for the spine and one on one classes and  I always feel totally restored and refreshed at the end. Kim is patient, calm and friendly. She is the best yoga teacher I ever had.”

Lucie L.

I’d love to hear your feedback.

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